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We aim to review as many UK films that get a cinema release as we can. We’ll also review the occasional “straight to DVD” title too if it takes our fancy. We are only going to go back as far as 2010 as well as to limit our scope.

Its probably really hard to define what makes a “true” British film because of foreign investment.  So we’ll keep the criteria broad.

  • The film has been made by a British auteur that traditionally makes films in  the UK, although occasionally abroad (eg; Michael Winterbottom, Steve McQueen)
  •  The film is set in the UK with a British cast.
  • Does NOT include US blockbusters that include the UK as a location (eg; Fantastic 4: Rise Of The Silver Surfer or Mission: Impossible)

I think that just about covers it.

We will only be reviewing movies that I’ve been lucky or unlucky enough to have seen.  We have to rely on three cinemas CINEWORLDS LUTON & MILTON KEYNES and the wonderful THE REX in BERKHAMSTED or The Plough in Great Torrington.  So if they don’t show a UK movie, it slips through the net!

If you’re a filmmaker, just remember this: we’re on the side of the viewers. If we’ve given your film a bad review, make a better film next time. Even if you’ve made 10 great movies on the trot then you make a dog we’ll be there to let your fans know… but equally we’re here to champion your good work… So don’t blame your low budgets. We’ve seen low-budget flicks that can entertain. We’ve heard it all. But we still love you, so keep on fighting to make your dream movie (even it turns out to be our nightmare movie!)….

Thanks to the filmmakers that have got in touch with us since the blog begun with all your encouragement. We await great things from you all…. Even you Simon Phillips!

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