8.5 out of 10

Released: 12 March 2010

Director: Tom Harper (War Book / The Woman In Black 2 / Peaky Blinders (TV) / Misfits (TV) / This Is England ’86 (TV))

Cast: Thomas Turgoose, Holliday Grainger, Rafe Spall, Susan Lynch and Steven Mackintosh

Writer: Jack Thorne


Again Thomas Turgoose (THIS IS ENGLAND) proves that he’s one of the best young, up and coming actors in the UK in this brilliant little film. Set on the Norfolk Coast one hot summer on a holiday park, David,a teenager bewitched with his female friend,Emily (Holliday Grainger – BEL AMI) idles away the days winding up fellow residents.  Nothing much happens until Emily disappears into thin air and a police search is set in motion.

Viewing the trailer will give away more of the films plot but this particular journey needs to be travelled in the dark.  Virtually flawless in all ways, I would recommend this to fans of other summer Brit Pics like Summer or My Summer Of Love.  The heat and boredom of long penniless summer days is well evoked.  As stated Turgoose is certainly the best he’s been since his cracking debut in This Is England.  He’s an expert at portraying the vaguely creep and naive.  For as long as the mystery is kept running in the movie, you wonder what he could be capable of.  He’s aptly supported in smaller roles by Rafe Spall (PROMETHEUS) and Susan Lynch (THE SECRET OF ROAN INISH).  The soundtrack is the only weak point. A selection of twee neo-folk songs that seem arbitrarily dropped into proceedings jar. Thats a small quibble though compared to this very accomplished debut picture.

Wonderful cinematography, brilliant locations and spotless performances.  A small wonder. Seek it out if you can you won’t be sorry!  Just beautiful.

8.5 out of 10 – for fans of coming of age summer flicks like The Year My Voice Broke, My Life As A Dog, My Summer Of Love, etc.



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