5 out of 10

Release Date: 18th March 2011

Director: Adam Deacon & Daniel Toland

Cast: Adam Deacon, Richie Campbell, Jazzie Zonzolo, Femi Oyeniran, Ollie Barbieri, Michael Vu, Linda Robson, Perry Benson, Jason Maza, Michael Maris, Ashley Chin, Bhasker Patel, Eddie Kadi, Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace with Paul Kaye, Jaime Winstone, Terry Stone, Richard Blackwood and Ashley Walters


I is, like, so grateful for this movie innit because it shows that the ubiquitous Adam Deacon (JACK FALLS), who directs, writes and stars, has a good sense of humour.  In all of his other movies he is serious to the point of constipation.  His output has been variable but he was the breakout actor from the Kidulthood / Adulthood double punch, so this indicated him as one to watch.  Anuvahood is not a scary movie style spoof thankfully, it’s got a straight narrative and it is basically situation comedy.  It essentially lampoons everything we’ve been conditioned to take as standard in movies like Sket and Shank.  Here’s the crucial thing though, is it funny?  I’d say half the time the jokes are on point.  They are mostly predictable, definitely and refreshingly un-pc.  The cast is variable, Adam Deacon’s fam are my main complaint with an over the top performance by Jazzi Zonzolo, which is all gurns and ticks and a really lame one by Ollie Barbieri (SKINS) as a Spanish exchange student. Adam Deacon plays Kenneth or K (as he insists) and he basically a waste man, who desperately wants to be a top boy MC but mostly spends his days hanging out with his four stupid friends.  He meets a said Spanish student and takes him under his wing tryig to impress him with how much of a bad man he is.  To his parents dismay he packs up his job in Laimsbury’s to become a musician and has to avoid local bad man, Tyrone (RITCHIE CAMPBELL – THE FIRM – 2009) and try to find a girl to hang with.  The film is littered with 300 cameos from Adam Deacon‘s other movies.  Having fun with one or two scenes at most between them are Ashley Walters (BULLET BOY), Richard Blackwood (OUTSIDE BET), Paul Kaye (BLACKBALL), Terry Stone (THE HOLDING) and Jaime Winstone (ELFIE HOPKINS).

The plot for what its worth just bounces from one fray to the next, but its the energy that makes this a success.  I know guys that swear this is the funniest Britpic in decades and they love this urban genre of movie, so from that point of view I’d agree. It’s a refreshing take on a repetitive type of film. A bit of light amongst all the darkness.  There’s a lot of shouting and you have to be up on your street slang to be able to decipher some of the proceedings.  It could have been funnier for me, but on the whole it’s an apt and welcome twist.  So far I think this is the only comedy to come out of the urban staple.  If it’s the only one it may get a cult following over the years.  One to reach for for an easy watch.

5 out of 10 – HILARIOUS for some… Half funny for me. But a true original as I write.  Credit to Adam Deacon for displaying another side to urban life, although its a comedic and broad take.



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