COMING SOON – 15/9/12

We will be added a new category soon.  This will be for movies from between 2000 and the end of 2009 from the UK that have had an impact on British Cinema this decade.

Films like RISE OF THE FOOTSOLDIER or KIDULTHOOD or THIS IS ENGLAND.  There will only be handful.  But we feel they are relevant to this site.

Also Joe Pesci II aka Matt Usher accidentally bought DOGHOUSE that came out in 2009 and is insiting on reviewing it. What a goofazoid!

Also reviewing ELFIE HOPKINS, ANNA KARENINA, CORIOLANUS and a handful of others if we get time.

Hoping to review two interesting but contrasting horror films released simulaneously on DVD, Download and Cinema this week.  Dartmoor set A NIGHT IN THE WOODS. If you are a big fan of The Blair Witch Project this offers identical chills. Also Harold Pinter /Roald Dahl inspired THE DEVIL’S BUSINESS which has also be compared unfairly  to KILL LIST.

Cheers, Brit Pick Dick, Brit Pick Chick, Joe Pesci II and Pubic Pedro


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