Release Date: 11th April 2011

Director: Jim Loach

Cast: Emily Watson, David Wenham, Richard Dillane, Lorraine Ashbourne, Tara Morice, Kate Rutter, Tanya Myers and Hugo Weaving

Writer: Rona Munro / Margaret Humphrey’s



  • Emily Watson: On Chesil Beach, Molly Moon, Everest, A Royal Night Out, Testament of Youth, The Theory of Everything, Belle, The Book Thief, Anna Karenina (2012), War Horse, Cemetery Junction, Synedoche New York, Miss Potter, Seperate Lies, The Proposition, Corpse Bride (voice), Wah-Wah, The Life and Death Of Peter Sellers, Equilibrium, Red Dragon, Punch Drunk Love, Gosford Park, The Luzhin Defence, Angela’s Ashes, Cradle Will Rock, Hilary & Jackie, The Boxer, Metroland, Breaking The Waves
  • David Wenham: Pirates of the Caribbean 5, Goldstone, Lion, Blinky Bill – The Movie (voice), Banished (TV), 300 – part 2, Top of the Lake (TV), The Turning (dir), Legend Of The Guardians- The Owls Of Ga’Hoole (voice), Public Enemies, Australia, 300, The Proposition, Van Helsing, Lord Of The Rings- The Two Towers, The Return Of The King, Pure, Crocodile Hunter, Dust, Moulin Rouge, The Boys (1998), Cosi, Greenkeeping
  • Richard Dillane: Wolf Hall (TV), The Haunting of Radcliffe House, Argo
  • Lorraine Ashbourne: The Selfish Giant, A Bunch of Amateurs, Playing The Field (TV), The Martins, Fever Pitch, Jack and Sarah, Resurrected, Distant Voices Still Lives
  • Tara Morice:  Razzle Dazzle, Candy, Hotel Sorrento, Strictly Ballroom
  • Kate Rutter: I Daniel Blake, The Arbor
  • Tanya Myers: Soulmate
  • Hugo Weaving: The Dressmaker, Strangerland, The Turning, Mystery Road, The Hobbit – The Battle of the Five Armies, The Hobbit – An Unexpected Journey, Cloud Atlas, Happy Feet 2 (voice), Captain America, Transformers 3 (voice), Legend Of The Guardians- The Owls Of Ga’Hoole (voice), The Wolfman, Transformers 2 (voice), Transformers (voice), Happy Feet (voice), V For Vendetta, Little Fish, Peaches, The Lord Of  The Rings- The Return Of The King, The Lord of The Rings – The Two Towers,  The Lord of The Rings – Fellowship Of The Ring, The Matrix 3, The Matrix 2, Strange Planet, The Matrix, Babe 2 (voice),  Bedrooms and Hallways, Babe (voice), The Custodian, Frauds, Reckless Kelly, Proof (1991), Wendy Cracked a Walnut

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