NEW REVIEWS: 11th Nov 2012


WE ARE HOPING TO REVIEW A FEW NEW MOVIES THIS WEEK… some that go back to early 2010 and others that are new on cinema screens this week…..

Also check out the Guardian article we’ve showcased about how nightmarish production of an indie UK movie can be!  It was published in back in 2009. CLICK HERE>

I’ve tracked down a copy of the movie in question called THE BIG I AM and I will be reviewing it in the next few days. I need a long rest from UK Gangster movies now.  A real long one.

I’ve just sat through a really good one that I can recommend if you are a patient kind of viewer that doesn’t need explosions or spaceships every ten seconds and that’s CLONE although it’s known as Womb everywhere but in the UK (see IMDB).  I think it was a co-production with Germany, Hungary and France.  But we’ll still make room for it on Britpic, like we did the recently fun STITCHES from Eire.

Also we’ll have reviews of LOVE BITE and MY BROTHER THE DEVIL that I’ll be seeing at Cineworld Stevenage tomorrow. (I hate Stevenage!)  Love Bite used to have the better title of WEREWOLF ON SEA which is hugely catchy. It’s a comedy horror starring TIMOTHY SPALL (as a werewolf?) and ED SPELEERS from Eragon and TV’s Downton Abbey…  MY BROTHER THE DEVIL has been the critically adored UK flick of 2012.  I’m hoping it’s something that I can recommend and enjoy.  It was hard enough to find a multiplex playing it, so it will probably be ignored by the audience it’s probably been tailored for.

I’ve also reviewed the made for Hollywood asteroid of horse excrement that is TAMARA DREWE, a curiously made club land yarn called THE GRIND, the UK’s unfunniest comedy (except for KEITH LEMON) BIG FAT GYPSY GANGSTER (at least it was made cheaper). We really liked Danny Dyer’s “made for your Dad – movie” THE AGE OF HEROES too. So it’s not all been brickbats down at Britpic.

We did get bollocked by Nick Nevern for sending him a Facebook  link to our thoughts on GBH.  We were hard on his performance in said review, saying we thought he’d been miscast and looked stretched.   In his reply (which is in the public domain for all to see) he said he worked hard.  Now, I don’t doubt that, he probably did work very hard and have a lot taken out of him (physically and mentally), but sometimes it’s not the effort, it’s the application. We know.  We’re  film reviewers (snigger!) We’re still fans of Nick Nevern though and we did describe him as one of the UK’s most exciting actors on the scene at the moment. What more did he want>>!  All good clean, fun and games though.  Check out his other films: OUTPOST 2, THE SWEENEY, THE RISE AND FALL OF A WHITE COLLAR HOOLIGAN, 7LIVES & STRIPPERS VS. WEREWOLVES.  If this blog ever gets serious, we’d love to do a feature on him… But… In all seriousness that’s 25 years off.  We’re too fucking lazy to get this beyond what it is. A hobby that shares & scares. I don’t know what Joe Pesci II’s aspirations are>>>>!   He’s probably on a mission to find a UK made film that he actually likes… Hahahha.

Oh yes: I forgot to hype two things:

THE FALL OF THE ESSEX BOYS – The makers are real gents.  I wish them much success with this re-dux of the Rettendon Land Rover Murders.  I won’t mention the obvious because that would do them a disservice. I suspend and delay forming my thoughts until the film arrives.  But I just want to say we’ve been promised a better thought out, more accurate and conspiracy based take on events than in the last three versions.  Fingers crossed.

THE HOOLIGAN FACTORY – currently in production is looking for extras. Join their page on Facebook for info on dates and London locations in the next few weeks.  Our mate Nick Nevern is directing it. And it also features one of our favourites; Jason Maza.  I’m looking forward to seeing what he’s doing in WELCOME TO THE PUNCH!

Right, Good Night from Brit Pic Dick….


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