7.5 out of 10

Release Date: 25th April 2013 (DVD Premiere)

Director: Mat Whitecross (Spike Island / Sex & Drugs & Rock-N-Roll)

Cast: Ray Winstone, Jim Sturgess, Jodie Whitaker, Luke Evans, Alistair Petrie, Stephen Wight and Lesley Manville

Writer: Mat Whitecross

Trailer: ASHES

To Be Proofread: Ashes escapes being a disease of the week ITV actors ‘showcase’ through sheer verve and invention from all involved.  Ashes contains the best Ray Winstone (FATHERS OF GIRLS) performance since The Proposition or Sexy Beast (which was first?)  and he’s matched by a wrought Jim Sturgess (CLOUD ATLAS).  The plot weaves and bobs around throwing in a few nice twists and turns along the way, perhaps exploiting the central memory loss of one Ray Winstone‘s character a bit too literally.  What could have been corny turns out to be revelatory and extremely moving thanks to such a towering and devastating portrait of dementia by Ray Winstone, who re-establishes himself as one of the UK’s most talented actors.

Jamie (Sturgess) is on a mission to locate his long lost Dad, Frank (Winstone), who has turned up with senile dementia at a care home in the North of England. He breaks his father out of the care home and takes him on a rad trip back home, hoping to jog his memory. What starts out as a potential meet-cute quikcly establishes itself as something all together darker and more intriguing.  Who is the woman that haunts Frank’s peripheries. Who are the angry men on the phone, hectoring Jamie to hurry up and bring Frank ‘home’.  What lies ahead is an exhausting journey, but it’s never dull.  The story keeps on evolving but never at the expense of the characters.  The characters are the plot. Both of the leads begin to reveal streaks of back story and the reasons behind Frank’s rescue / abduction from care.  Ashes essentially ends up being a fable and by the end it’s all the better for it.

Director Mat Whitecross adapts the fractitious approach to narrative that he did in his debut – Sex & Drugs & Rock-N-Roll. It works well in mirroring the splinters of lost memories emerging from the gloom.  Past acquaintances, double as ghosts, or roles being reversed as the mind betrays Frank.  Sometimes, entire sequences spool out for minutes and it’s not until the closing sequences of the movie do they begin to add up to make sense, so less patient viewers may find this a bit of a headache inducing device. I found it necessary to the disorienting nature of the story and it helped to enhance ad propel the narrative alongside the note perfect performances.

Ashes will only serve to highlight that Ray Winstone has been missing in action recently, squandering his awesome talents on sh*t like Fathers of Girls or Elfie Hopkins.  Choices like those belie a generous man that wants his family to succeed like his has -(Fathers was for his brother in law – Elfie was for his daughter).  I’m relieved that he’s actually still getting sent quality, challenging scripts such as this. I’m also surprised that this did not get a cinema release in the UK – instead big budget insipid crap like Diana or About Time dominates. The UK industry doesn’t seem capable of championing good dramas any more and this is a particularly good example of one such movie that will get buried within months of its DVD release.  It may be slightly hokey but that’s the nature of any moral / fable.  It’s rare for something so plot-led to be so compelling.  We’re spoilt by two great central performances.  Ashes is rounded out by a great supporting cast made up of Luke Evans (NO ONE LIVES) and Jodie Whitaker (BROADCHURCH) but this is essentially a superb two-hander.

7.5 out of 10 – Not everybody’s cup of tea. But this is a great reminder of how brilliant (given the right role) the towering Ray Winstone can be.  This is his best performance in years and Ashes has a wonderfully emotional story that puts a lot of it’s contemporaries to shame.  Why wasn’t this a cinema release? Straight to DVD is a sad end for it. Seek it out. Highly recommended.



5 out of 10

Release Date: 30th August 2013 (DVD premiere)

Director: Farren Blackburn (Dr Who (TV) / Holby City (TV) / Doctors (TV) / Footballers’ Wives (TV))

Cast: Charlie Bewley, Elliot Cowan, Clive Standen, Michael Jibson, Theo Barklem-Biggs, Alexandra Dowling, Ivan Kaye, Guy Flanagan, Finlay Robertson with Glynis Barber and James Cosmo

Writer: Matthew Read


TV director Farren Blackburn‘s movie debut could have done with a bigger budget and a slightly sharper script. Otherwise this fair stab at a Viking version of Jospeh Conrad’s Hearts of Darkness isn’t that bad.  The plot mirrors said book slavishly eventhough it doesn’t even know it.

Fresh off the boat, Prince Steinar (CHARLIE BEWLEY – LIKE CRAZY) and his gang of marauders land in England to bring reinforcements to his father’s army.  King Bagsecg (JAMES COSMO – TRAINSPOTTING) has been mortally wounded and gives his son the choice of dying or bringing back his brother to succeed him as king. Trouble is brother Hakan (ELLIOT COWAN) has gone native and is far far behind enemy lines, where no right minded Viking would ever venture.

Special effects are in low demand in this kind of film, all the production team needed to do was raid the supplies of Toys-R-Us and go to Snowdonia.  The acting requires little effort, just the ability to yell “rarrrrghhhhh!!!” or stare off into the middle distance if you are the ‘mystic’ one. Charlie Bewley (unknown to me) was fairly good, competent at delivering his lines convincingly whilst waving a sword around. His band of less than merry Vikings are made up of regular hairy types – of which only the wonderful Michael Jibson (THE BANK JOB) was previously known to me. Jibson, for me is the soul reason for recommending this movie and for chalking up an extra couple of points. He seems to have cornered the market in playing slightly unhinged dick heads that meet satisfyingly awful ends (see Devil’s Bridge or Panic Button).  Here he gets to play a hard man too!  This guy should be getting better roles and it would seem like he’s getting some notice through bit parts in behemoths like Les Miserables.  Theo Barklem-Biggs (SILK) also delivers a good performance as Steinar’s unreadable half-brother Vali who may just be a traitor and the cause of the death that stalks them. Glynis Barber (BLAKE’S SEVEN) turns up in a demented cameo at the end – all I can say for her is that she still looks good!

Hammer Of The Gods features a lot of shouting and eye-catching fights. Sadly it’s hardly memorable. I saw it two weeks ago and I struggle to remember much plot. It is certainly on par with other starrier – larger budget movies like Centurion or The Eagle. It does a good job of smoothing the road for the oncoming onslaught of Viking TV series and films, but a bit more risk and a sense of adventure in the production department would have made this one to truly recommend. It wasn’t far off being a very good movie and because of this it makes it unforgivably average. Shame.

5 out of 10 – Standard but average action Viking flick.  OK acting, good fights, stolen plot, great scenery and so-so script get it to the middle of the road. If you’re undemanding, this might float your long boat.



6 out of 10

Release Date: 13th May 2013 (DVD Premiere)

Director: Donald Rice

Cast: Felicity Jones, Luke Treadaway, Elizabeth McGovern, Ellie Kendrick, Zoe Tapper, Mackenzie Crook, Fenella Woolgar, Barbara Flynn, Olly Alexander, Sophie Stanton, James Norton, Kenneth Collard with John Standing and Julian Wadham

Writer: Donald Rice & Mary Henely-Magill


To Be Proofread: Cheerful Weather For The Wedding has certainly been made for those that hanker for the period dramas us Brits made so well in the 80s – mid 90s for film and TV.   I also suspect there is a renewed market for this kind of thing – certainly on TV – with the re-booted Upstairs, Downstairs and phenomenally popular Downton Abbey.  It certainly is the best of this kind of film I;ve seen in a very long time.  Modern young things don’t seem to have nailed the ease with which actors of the previous generation could embody the upper classes of a 100 years ago. The performances seem to rigid and uncomfortable in the likes of Atonement or Summer in February – however Cheerful Weather For The Wedding has found a nice mix of experienced actors for Merchant Ivory‘s hey day and a scattering of bright young things that are perfectly suited for their roles.  For once Luke Treadaway (GET LUCKY) puts away his desires to be a gangster and sails away in a wonderful role as a handsome young doctor still hoping to whisk the bride away at the last minute to renew an old – half started affair.

The plot is light. It’s mainly a farcial and mildly amusing microcosm of life in a country house. Picture a funny Gosford Park and then half the cast and budget and you’re there.  On the day of Dolly Thatcham’s (FELICITY JONES – LIKE CRAZY) wedding, various members of her extended staff all mill around helping, hindering, bitching and conspiring – whilst the loyal staff pretty much do the same. Dolly’s old flame – Dr Patten (Treadaway) pops up to put the mockers on things but Mother (ELIZABETH MCGOVERN – ONCE UPON A TIME IN AMERICA) has already anticipated this and has a plan to deflect him.

The whole thing floats along quite pleasantly and is only elevated because it’s way better than a lot of British movies that get released these days. It’s sad though that this only because of the rapid decline in quality in the films available.  In the 80s/90s – this movie would have been brushed off as mediocre and it really is. It’s no Gosford Park, Howard’s End or A Room With a View – it’s more on a level with An Ideal Husband or Easy Virtue.  Its only mediocre because it’s a frothy farce though and fails to engage the brain much in the way an action film doesn’t.  I would recommend it though as an effective throwback to when the industry used to be able produce three of these in it’s sleep per month. Now we’re lucky to get one competent one per year. Because of the upswing in popularity over the fence in TV land, I call for even better films like this one but better.

6 out of 10 – A nice return to the ‘cucumber sandwich and ginger beer’ movies of the 80s and 90s.  Well casted and acted but too inconsequential to make a lasting impression. A nice change though considering all the gangster or royal flicks that are the rage at the moment. I’d like to see one of these movies in with Craig Fairbrass and Terry Stone as snooty lords and games keepers one day.



5 out of 10

Release Date: 31st May 2013

Director: Tom Shlkonik

Cast: Edward Hogg, Elisa Lasowski, Nathan Stewart-Jarrett, Steven Robertson, Jamie Baughan, Nyasha Hatendi, Brett Goldstein and Gerard Murphy

Writer: Tom Shloknik


TO BE PROOFREAD: Is everybody who lives in the UK gay? Or at least bi-sexual? I’m not being homophobic (or maybe I am unintentionally) but it seems that every ‘sensible’ movie to come out of the UK revolves around openly gay characters?  It seems that I’ve been watching a lot of UK dramas recently (some of them ace – see Weekend) – that also happen to have a lot of naked guys grinding against one another. Which brings me to this unusually droll London-set drama ‘The Comedian‘.  It revolves around an unfunny amateur stand up comedian called Ed (EDWARD HOGG – BUNNY AND THE BULL) who works full-time in an oppressive (all too real) call-centre .  After a particularly crap night on stage he meets Nathan (NATHAN STEWART-JARRETT – MISFITS) and embarks on an affair. He is also processing an unrealised attraction to his female housemate Elsa (ELISA LASOWSKI – SOMERS TOWN). The pressures of being an early 30s underachiever are finding the shiftless Ed in a round of situations that he cant make sense of to himself let alone his confusing lover, his housemate and a distant family.

The Comedian is well acted but ultimately too dreary and fey to be effective. Ive read that this is largely improvised, which gives it extra stripes because nobody is caught acting. The stand up comedy is intentionally unfunny, Ed is dopey and evasive, and the scenes just wander into one another. One stand out scene is a fight on a double decker buses with some anti-gay teenage girls – who say Nathan is ‘a disgrace to black men’ – it’s also the scene in which Elisa discovers that Ed also likes men.  Yet, the last scene is probably the worst ‘real-life’ scene I’ve ever sat through with our main character settling for the bumper sticker platitudes of a London cabbie (NYASHA HATENDI) to salve his wounds. On the whole The Comedian isn’t a bad film, it’s just an inconsequential one. I just wanted to give the main character a shake and I think that’s the general idea. It’s a film about how unfocused and directionless men of a certain age appear to be and how we can drift from shit job to shit job without ever progressing. Its just a shame that its not a little bit more interesting.  This made the endless sex scenes even more pointless. I got over seeing nude men in the 80s when every other Channel Four movie was about a famous homosexual – it just seems to be that to get financing for a serious drama film in the UK the main characters have to be either a) gay or b) over 70 or c) royal.   The makers of The Comedian blatantly got the memo.

5 out of 10 – Wetter than a fish’s ballbag… Well acted drippy-ness though.


  • Edward Hogg: Road Games, How To Live Yours, Kill Your Friends, The Program, Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell (TV), Indian Summers (TV),  Jupiter Ascending, Isle of Dogs, Anonymous, Bunny and The Bull, Brothers Of The Head, The Mighty Boosh (TV)
  • Elisa Lasowski: Picnic In Gaza, Hyena, Keeping Rosy, Somers Town
  • Nathan Stewart-Jarrett: Two Down, War Book, Utopia (TV), The Face of an Angel, Dom Hemingway, Misfits (TV)
  • Steven Robertson: Brighton Rock (2011), Being Human (TV), Inside I’m Dancing
  • Brett Goldstein: How To Live Yours, Superbob, Howl (2015), Everyone’s Going To Die, #Legacy, Hoff The Record (TV), Derek (TV) The Hooligan Factory, The Knot
  • Gerard Murphy: The Scarlet Pimpernel (TV), McCallum (TV), Waterworld


2 out of 10

Release Date: 6th September 2013

Director: Richard Curtis (The Boat That Rocked / Love Actually)

Cast: Domhnall Gleeson, Rachel McAdams, Bill Nighy, Lydia Wilson, Lindsay Duncan, Margot Robbie, Joshua McGuire, Will Merrick, Richard Cordery, Vanessa Kirby, Lisa Eichhorn, Mitchell Mullen, Tom Hughes, Catherine Steadman, Pal Aron and Tom Hollander with Richard E. Grant and Richard Griffiths

Writer: Richard Curtis


To be proofread: This film made me want to scribble on pictures of kittens and spit at puppies.  So cute and manipulative and soppy was Richard Curtis’ About Time I wanted to puke.  Now I usually like Richard Curtis, I have a high sucrose tolerancy and just about got through Love Actually. The buffoonery of The Boat That Rocked also made that quite appealing. His jobs as writer for hire have also hit many of UK cinemas comedic highs like The Tall Guy and Four Weddings and a Funeral, so why oh why did I find About Time so f*cking loathsome.  It was just a fake, insincere hand shake of a movie. A limp fish that has half committed to an idea and just shrugs its way through to the end of it’s 2 hour obligation to the cinema going public.

Ginger bore Tim (DOMHNALL GLEESON – ANNA KARENINA) thoroughly squanders an inherited, genetic gift to travel back in time by trying to find the love of his life. This way he can archly manipulate bad situations by going back and correcting embarrassing faux-pas.  His victim is plain jane Mary (RACHEL MCADAMS – THE NOTEBOOK) whom he gets onside, marries, impregnates and bores everyone to death by failing to do anything vaguely irresponsible, naughty or remotely interesting or intriguing with his gift. The whole film is the same as well. It doodles around in Richard Curtis’ comfort zones to increasingly diluted effect.  Bill Nighy (VALKYRIE), as Tim’s father, leads a reasonable supporting cast made up of the usual procession of privileged luvvies playing posh hits who were their eccentricities on their shoulders like cute animals. Tim’s sister Kat (LYDIA WILSON) is a prime example of a failed attempt at whimsy then later depth.  There’s nothing wrong with Wilson’s or anyone’s acting, al the lame should sit on Curtis’ doorstep. The rest of the characters are unbelievable idiots and savants – that aren’t even good value comedy wise. Every funny line just dies in mid air in front of their stupid acting faces – step forward Joshua McGuire and Richard Cordery as thick and ugly best friend, and dimwitted uncle respectively.

The plot is dopey, the writing and script is unadventurous and it’s a sad waste considering how funny Curtis can be. The actors do their best but it’s an uphill struggle in the face of an avalacnhe of maudlin treacle.  The descent into sadness and last chances rings utterly hollow in light of everything that’s gone before. Anybody that falls for this trap is pretty undemanding when it comes to their choice of entertainment (not a bad thing in general – just if you’re a film fan).

2 out of 10 – An completely frightful exercise in being force fed hallmark greeting cards spread with a thick layer of strawberry jam and Branston pickle.  Stodgy, too sweet, too practical adn the worst sin of all – too boring. What has become of large scale British cinema? Burp! (Anyone else think the poster looks like Rachel McAdams is about to puke!)?


  • Domhnall Gleeson: Star Wars 8, The Revenant, Star Wars – The Force Awakens, Brooklyn, Ex Machina, Frank, Calvary, Shadow Dancer, DreddAnna Karenina (2012), True Grit (2011), Never Let Me Go, Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows 1 & 2
  • Rachel McAdams: Dr Strange, A Most Wanted Man, Passion (2012), To The Wonder, The Vow, Sherlock Holmes 2, Midnight In Paris, Morning Glory, Sherlock Holmes (2009), The Time Traveller’s Wife, The Lucky Ones, State Of Play, The Family Stone, Red Eye, Wedding Crashers, The Notebook, Mean Girls, The Hot Chick
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  • Margot Robbie: Suicide Squad, Suite Francaise, Focus, The Wolf of Wall Street, Neighbours (TV)
  • Will Merrick: Skins (TV)
  • Vanessa Kirby: Everest, Queen & CountryThe Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman, The Rise
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  • Lisa Eichhorn: Moon 44, Cutter’s Way
  • Catherine Steadman: Outpost 2, Salmon Fishing In The Yemen, Hippie Hippie Shake, The Inbetweeners (TV)
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5 out of 10 

Release Date: 6th September 2013

Director: Amit Gupta (Resistance)

Cast: Amara Karan, Harish Patel, Kulvinder Ghir, Tom Mison, Nikesh Patel, Harvey Virdi, Paul Bazely, Sophiya Hayque, Paul Bhattacharjee and Adeel Akhtar with Madhur Jaffrey and Ray Panthaki

Writer: Amit Gupta



To be proofread: Jadoo is a nice little movie elevated by some nice performances by it’s lead ensemble. The only trouble with Jadoo is that it fails to take any risks and could have been way funnier considering the comic talent involved.

Two feuding brothers (HARISH PATEL – RUN FAT BOY RUN) and (KULVINDER GHIR – GOODNESS GRACIOUS ME) tear up the family recipe book and open their own restaurants. Years later Patel’s daughter Shalini (AMARA KHAN – ALL IN GOOD TIME) tries to end the fight by asking them to join forces and cater for her wedding.  And that’s essentially all there is. A rival Curry vendor played by Ray Panthaki (INTERVIEW WITH A HITMAN) is the true villain of the piece who stirs up the conflict in order to destroy both businesses.  Set in Leicester, it shows the English-Indian experience through a honeyed lense. Never has Leicester looked so interesting!

The days of exploiting culture clashes in movies are gone and Jadoo dodges a bullet by having Shalini’s family accept her fiancee, white and dull surgeon Mark (TOM MISON) for who he  is, not where he’s from and what he looks like. But it also makes for a duller film.  A lot more could have been made of the brother’s rivalry and some fun to be had with their insults but again the film chooses to opt for melodrama to bring the family together in the closing scenes.  Gladly, the acting brings the film home and its still a very easy film to like and that’s mainly down to he hugely warm and charismatic Harish Patel, who just about steals every film I’ve seen him in (he couldn’t rescue Keith Lemon – no one could).  The food on display will also make curry lovers go spare. I had a curry right after watching it so under no circumstances sit down to watch this hungry.

5 out of 10 – Light and very mildly funny. Quietly predictable but still easy to like if your looking for something inoffensive and enjoyable.  I’d recommend All In Good Time over this  – which shares similar plot lines and a number of the cast instead though for way bigger laughs (and cliches).



5 out of 10


Release Date: 8th February 2013

Director: Bill Jones

Cast / Voices: Graham Chapman, John Cleese, Terry Jones, Michael Palin, Terry Gilliam, Eric Idle with Stephen Fry and Cameron Diaz

Writer: Graham Chapman



  • Graham Chapman: Yellowbeard, The Meaning Of Life, Life Of Brian, Monty Python and The Holy Grail, Monty Python’s Flying Circus (TV), Doctor In Trouble
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