1.5 out of 10

Release Date: 10th March 2011

Director: Nick Nevern (The Hooligan Factory)

Cast: Nick Nevern, Ian Duck, Manuel Atkinson, Daniel Burten-Shaw

Writer: Nick Nevern

Trailer: TERRY

Unknown-12TO BE PROOFREAD: Terry was actor/director Nick Nevern’s (MRS BROWN’S BOYS D’MOVIE) industry calling card back in 2011.  He since shown that given the right role he’s dependable mainstay in the UK’s independent cottage industry having worked with all the other ‘faces’ since. I’d been putting off watching this ever since I began watching the beginning on LoveFilm’s freeview. I got as far as ten minutes and turned it off and put it back on my DVD delivery list. Now some funny bugger down at the depot thought they’d send me Tony and Terry at the same time. Sadly Terry only wishes to lick the boot laces of the superior Tony. It’s filmed like the camera man had his apparatus on a bungee chord and director Nick Nevern seems to be happy to lazily ape the non-stylings of mock-doc Man Bites Dog,

The plot as it stands is film student Charlie Ruez (MANUEL ATKINSON) has an unoriginal brainwave to make a documentary about vain thug Terry (NICK NEVERN). The fake filmmaker intends to just follow Terry around and observe his average day.  Most of the film is a blur of scrapes with just about everybody they come into contact with. There’s a dopey best friend to snort bags of coke with (IAN DUCK) and a comic but ultimately deadly adversary Billy Black (DANIEL BURTEN-SHAW) to contend with too. If I was Charlie’s film lecturer at this university I wouldn’t have even gotten past the first five minutes of this self-congratulatory piece of shit sh*t.  Terry is hard work and even though we’re treated to very realistic and naturalistic performers as an exploitation flick it’s just badly filmed, repetitive and criminally dull. It’s ill-advised shot of redemption at the end rings hollow given all the mischief that had occurred over the course of the film’s running time. As stated Nick Nevern has gone on to bigger and better things (I don’t know what’s become of the rest of his game cast) and his second film as director is just around the corner, The Hooligan Factory of which we can hope there are at least a few things to recommend.

1.5 out of 10 – Barely watchable, exploitation flick that wants to be Man Bites Dog 2 but just ends up being an unoriginal derivative fanboy of the latter. For fans of Nick Nevern only, this will test your patience though.



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