7.5 out of 10

Release Date: 22nd August 2014

Director: Gabe Turner (Class of ’92)

Cast: Harley Sylvester, Doug Allen, Jay Simpson, Vas Blackwood, Tony Denham, Paul Reynolds, Martin Hancock, Charley Palmer-Rothwell, Melanie Gutteridge, Jumayn Hunter, Dorian Simpson and David Essex with Richard Blackwood and Lorraine Stanley

Writer: Gabe Turner



TO BE PROOFREAD: The Guvnors is a variously impressive drama about the legacy left behind by an ex-Top Boy (or lead football hooligan) played by Doug Allen (THE FIRM). Where most low-budget films about hooligans either fail to feature hooligans or look beyond hero worship, this film gets to the heart of the matter and tackles the eternal question – when you lead a life of violence can you truly turn your back on your past? What effect did your past actions have on those around you, those you left behind and what kind of mark do you leave on those in your present.  Whilst the plot follows a pretty simple road it offers more than the run of the mill hooligan film by not falling into the same traps. It narrowly succeeds in having it’s cake and eating it by providing audiences with the violence and vicious fights whilst also offering up complex characters.

Mitch (DOUG ALLEN) turned his back on his football firm ‘The Guvnors’ in the 1980s. He’s now married with a young teenage son. He’s also the director of a company that looks like an ad agency. The reason for his sudden departure appears to be the reason for the fall of the group and some of the other members still hold grudges. Meanwhile, Adam (HARLEY SYLVESTER) runs today’s streets and after a run in with a local cop who says that he’ll never have the same level of cred as The Guvnors ever had, he decides to seek out the former members to reinforce his rep. Only he gets more than he bargains for when the old guard reform and stand up to him and his young crew. Old scores and new vendettas are created forcing the main characters to make some very drastic life and death moves.

Most of The Guvnors rings true thanks to an above average script and some very good lead performances. Particular kudos goes to musician Harley Sylvester in his first cinematic role. His villainous Adam is a complex and unlikely anti-hero – one minute cutting a girl’s face with a stanley knife, only to be seen helping his young brother ride his bicycle in the next. He’s an evil and ghoulish character who at times exposes what a lonely and scared young man he is. He’s fantastically cast and when some potentially melodramatic revelations land in the plot, he ably transcends the pitfalls by delivering a note perfect performance. As we all know, a film of this type wins or fails according to how effective the villain is – potentially good films like Offender or The Fall of the Essex Boys were completely ruined by a single actor (step forward English Frank! and Jay Brown!Doug Allen matches Harley Syvester in a potentially one-note role. He gives his Mitch unexpected depths aided by a series of flashbacks that are key to the present day situation. Further down the cast list familiar faces like Paul Reynolds (PRESS GANG) and Lorraine Stanley (TOP DOG) work miracles with slender material. Elsewhere, David Essex (TRAVELLER) casually walks off several scenes as the patriarch of The Guvnors.

The Guvnors proves that there’s still life in tired material. It proves that there’s still room for the perfect football hooligan movie. That there has been so many bad or fakes ones on the market (yes that’s you Paul Tanter and Simon Phillips) its a very pleasant surprise to find one film that has taken it’s brief seriously and delivered on it’s promise of being a realistic and thoughtful film about the affects hooliganism and violence can have on normal lives. Deceptively titled and packaged as yet another cheap rip-off of ID or The Firm this is a rewarding drama that only falters occasionally. What stops The Guvnors becoming a future classic is a feeling that some material has been lost in the edit. One particular plot line concerning Mitch’s school bully son that seems to get abandoned two-thirds of the way through and there’s an unresolved murder/attack in the flashbacks that isn’t fully explained (or is it just me). It borders on the melodramatic at times and the open ending feels underpowered. These points are small potatoes compared to crimes against viewers in search of decent movie about footie firms though. Forget The Hooligan Wars, White Collar Hooligan sequels and the miss-titled Dangerous Mind of a Hooligan (a good film about bank robbers not football or hooligans!)

7.5 out of 10 – Gripping, interesting and dramatically sound at last we have the first ‘real’ film about football hooliganism since Nick Love‘s remake of The Firm. Great lead performances from a committed and on point cast. Recommended!



3 out of 10

Release Date: 26th December 2014

Director: Sacha Bennett (Tango One / Get Lucky / Outside Bet / Bonded By Blood)

Cast: Ian Ogilvy, Alison Doody, Danny-Boy Hatchard, Lysette Anthony, Chris Ellison, Tony Denham, Dani Dyer, Red Madrell, Johnny Palmiero, Nathan Clarke, Nicky Henson, Elijah Baker, Sagar Radia, George Weightman featuring Anouska Mond, Adele Silva with James Cosmo and Steven Berkoff

Writer: Dougie Brimson, Gary Lawrence, Sacha Bennett



TO BE PROOFREAD: After the relative heights of Vendetta and Top Dog, producer Jonathan Sothcott has backed a lame donkey with this tired Harry Brown / Reservoir Dogs-style revenge flick.  At face value it would seem that a safe game has been played by the makers producing another revenge flick following the sucess of last year’s Vendetta – however in the latter Danny Dyer  (it’s lead actor) pulled out all the stops to deliver a wrought and layered character, whereas the vengeful creeps in We Still Kill The Old Way are cardboard cut-out stereotypes who are hard to root for.  In Vendetta there was a real sense of loss and retribution – in We Still Kill The Old Way we have a lazy script and threadbare plotting.

Former London gangster Richie’s (IAN OGILVY – RETURN OF THE SAINT) brother Charlie (STEVEN BERKOFF – RED 2) is murdered by young thug Aaron’s (DANNY-BOY HATCHARD – EASTENDERS) gang after he interrupts the gang-rap of Lauren (DANI DYER -AGE OF KILL) . Richie decides to assemble his old crew and avenge Charlie. Meanwhile, the a dogged copper Taylor (ALISON DOODY – MAJOR LEAGUE 2) is determined to stop  the gang war before it begins.

Films like this stand or fall according to how good the villain is – here we have newcomer Danny-Boy Hatchard putting in a staggeringly overripe performance along the lines of English Frank‘s in Offender or Jay Brown‘s in Fall of the Essex Boys. His film debut is a corny blend of overplay and pantomime shenanigans. He’s not helped by Dani Dyer as the least convincing rape victim in the history of cinema (she even has a milkshake with one of the attackers afterwards!) Debuting in Vendetta, she showed some promise – here she’s exposed as out of her depth even in what has turned out to a really basic one-note role.  The film only comes to life when the central cast of Ian Ogilvy, Chris Ellison (THE BILL), Tony Denham (FALL OF THE ESSEX BOYS) and James Cosmo (BRAVEHEART) share banter – whether reminiscing about the old days or torturing Aaron’s footsoldiers. You get a glimpse into how lively and fun the film could have been if it had ever gotten into full swing and given them more screentime to shine. However, they’re thinly sketched beyond their function within their crime clique. Many scenes ring false, our hero Richie intimidates recent rape victim Lauren into helping him in her place of work – this is a sickening scene and naive writing – not even Death Wish / Sin City  or the most misogynistic of crime flicks would get something so wrong. She seems more frightened by her encounter with her avenging angel than her rapist. It just doesn’t ring true and is perhaps the worst fictional portrayal of a rape victim ever written. Lysette Anthony (THE PLEASURE PRINCIPLE) pops up in her first major role in years as Richie’s former crush Lizzie and all she does is hang around in a shit beret extolling the virtues of old-school criminals compared to the yobs of today. My god does her character whinge. She has the Eastenders equivalent of 10 years of moaning. In some quarters the film has been congrstulated for giving space to strong female characters. This is a red herring and female viewers would feel right to be angry. The rape scene and the victim’s recovery was scripted without thought or research and is a gross insult eventhough this film pretends to be a rote-thriller.

The violence and rationalisation of  all that it contains is strictly comic strip – one that rarely crackles to life. It’s a large step-back for Richwater Films after the excellent Danny Dyer comeback vehicle Vendetta and the above average Top Dog. We Still Kill The Old Way is pedestrian and tedious exercise and does very little to add anything new to the already crowded pantheon of UK Gangster films. It’s also unfortunate that this was released the same week (on DVD) as the way superior and similarly plotted The Guvnors that improves on We Still The Old Way in absolutely every department – they both feature Tony Denham and he’s way better in the former. Now Britpic has just learnt the really depressing news that Richwater Films will be producing Bonded by Blood 2 – yet another Essex Boys murder legacy movie.  Their hot-streak was depressingly short which is a shame I was really hoping they’d go from strength to strength. I’d sooner see a sequel to his production Unarmed and Dangerous than watch another Landrover murder movie! At least We Still The Old Way is from an ‘original’ (and I use that word spuriously) script!

We Still Kill The Old Way lacks the gloss and slickess of Vendetta too. The action scenes here are clunky and the climatic shoot-out in a hospital ward is difficult to follow or enjoy. A better script, more attention to detail, a stronger cast with no Danis or Danny-Boy’s, better written lead roles and a better range of cardboard cartoon cut-outs this could have been fun -instead it’s a hollow, callous and boring chore.

3 out of 10 – Buy The Guvnors instead. Very similar plot yet it doesn’t insult yor intelligence or get the very ‘serious’ subject of rape so very, very, very, very wrong. Way off base. Seems Jonathan Sothcott and co ‘Still Film The Old Way’. Let’s hope his next production Age of Kill entertains.

PS: There are threats of a sequel on the way that targets bankers. The Daily Mail would be proud.

Second review from Matt Usher aka Joe Pesci II below.



0.5 out of 10

Release Date: 3rd April 2009

Director: Shamim Sharif

Cast: Lisa Ray, Sheetal Sheth, Antonia Frering, Rez Kempton, Dalip Tahil, Ernest Ignatius, Anya Lahiri, Amber Rose Revah, Siddiqua Akthar and Nina Wadia

Writer: Shamim Sharif


I-Cant-Think-Straight-PosterI’m speechless. Here comes the worst British film about being young, gay and the consequences of coming out to your family and friends. In this case the two girls concerned are both from regions of the world where homosexuality is particularly frowned upon. One of the girls, Tali (LISA RAY – WATER) is a Christian from Jordan who is about to be married to a socialite. She falls for a straight Indian Muslim girl, Leyla (SHEETAL SHETH). Let the cliches commence.

Made in the style of a Emirate soap opera filmed in slow motion – I Can’t Think Straight contains some of the most excruciatingly shrill and bad performances committed to a ‘professional’ film production… ever. Since we set up Britpic in 2012 there have been rivals for the crown of worst low budget film and this gay flick really takes some beating but remarkably there are worse films out there (take a look down the cast list below and some of the actors have appeared in some of them). It’s an interesting subject and backdrop. It’s dramatically material exploring characters whose culture impacts on more primal desires but this film doesn’t care. It’s more concerned about being the Middle-Eastern equivalent of Sex and The City. The lack of production values and skill on display render this the worst UK film about ‘coming out’ you’ll ever see. In an already very crowded field – there have been some brilliant films from the UK that have made some honest and refreshing entries. Britpic urges readers to seek out Weekend or Lilting and leave charmless vanity projects like this (and Nina’s Heavenly Delights) to fester in obscurity where they belong. You learn nothing and it would be difficult to find yourself less engaged by a bunch of non-characters that drift about shouting bad dialogue just so their cheap microphones can pick them up. The sound is terrible and the endless montages only set to prove that the makers have an abysmal taste in music. It’s doesn’t even have any camp appeal for your stereotypical ‘gay’ viewer – so who is it made for? Bin Men I think.

It’s as if the makers knew somebody who’s distant cousin met a gay person ten years ago on the other side of the world and then tried to turn a very limited imagination towards tackiling a subject that could be so full of twists and turns.

0.5 out of 10 – The makers of this film need to be locked under the jail for criminals who commit crimes against innocent film fans. I Can’t Think Straight? Avoid at all costs. This film will turn gay viewers STRAIGHT it’s that bad.


  • Lisa Ray: Water
  • Rez Kempton: Amar Akbar & Tony,  Stag Night of the Dead, Baseline
  • Dalip Tahil: Eastenders (TV)
  • Anya Lahiri: Goal 3
  • Amber Rose Kevah: Everywhere + Nowhere, From Paris With Love
  • Nina Wadia: Amar Akbar & Tony, Holby City (TV), Still Open All Hours (TV), Eastenders (TV), Keith Lemon, White Teeth (TV), Goodness Gracious Me (TV), Such a Long Journey, Sixth Happiness


2 out of 10


Release Date: 29th September 2006

Director: Prathiba Parmar (GPS I Love You)

Cast: Shelley Conn, Laura Fraser, Ronny Jhutti, Veena Sood, Raji James, Atta Yaqub, Elaine C Smith, Adam Sinclair, Kathleen McDermott, Rita Wolf, Raad Rawi with Kulvinder Ghir and Art Malik

Writer: Andrea Gibb



  • Shelley Conn: 24 (TV), New Town Killers, Mersey Beat (TV)
  • Laura Fraser: FlutterCastles In The Sky, Breaking Bad (TV), Cuckoo, The Boys Are Back, The Flying Scotsman, 16 Years of Alcohol, A Knight’s Tale, Kevin & Perry Go Large, Titus, What Ever Happened To Harold Smith?, The Match, Virtual Sexuality, Divorcing Jack, The Tribe, Cousin Bette, The Man In The Iron Mask (1998), Neverwhere (TV), Small Faces
  • Ronny Jhutti: Jarhead 2, Breathless (TV), Vexed (TV), Everywhere + Nowhere, Cash and Curry, Survivors (TV), Bollywood Queen, Wild West, Eastenders (TV), Immaculate Conception
  • Raji James: UFO (2013)Airborne (2012), Baseline, The Bill (TV), Eastenders (TV), East Is East
  • Atta Yaqub: Ae Fond Kiss
  • Elaine C Smith: Rab C Nesbitt (TV), Naked Video (TV)
  • Adam Sinclair: 24 (TV), Ecstasy
  • Kathleen McDermott: Dead Set (TV), Morvern Callar
  • Rita Wolf: Coronation Street (TV), Slipstream, Tandoori Nights (TV), My Beautiful Laundrette, The Chain, Majdhar
  • Kulvinder Ghir: Level Up, Hackney’s Finest, Gone Too Far, Still Open All Hours (TV),  Jadoo, Postman Pat (TV) (voice), Holby City (TV), Bend It Like Beckham, Goodness Gracious Me (TV), Rita Sue and Bob Too!, Howards’ Way (TV)
  • Art Malik: Homeland (TV), Borgia (TV), Diana, John Carter, Ghosted, Everywhere + Nowhere, Sex & The City 2, The Wolfman, Franklyn, Dean Spanley, Booty Call,  Clockwork Mice, True Lies, City Of Joy, Turtle Beach, James Bond – The Living Daylights, A Passage To India


7.5 out of 10

Release Date: 3rd December 2014

Director: Kevin MacDonald (How I Live Now / State of Play / The Eagle / The Last King of Scotland / Touching The Void / One Day In September)

Cast: Jude Law, Scoot McNairy, Ben Mendlesohn, Bobby Schofield, Michael Smiley, Grigory Dobrygin, David Threlfall, Sergey Puskapalis, Sergey Veksler, Sergey Kolesnikov, Daniel Ryan, Tobias Menzies, Karl Davies with Jodie Whitaker and Konstantin Khabneskiy

Writer: Dennis Kelly

Trailer: BLACK SEA


Who fancies a taut-old school thriller then? The type of film your Dad would stretch out on the couch and enjoy with a can of ale on a Sunday afternoon. Well Black Sea fits that criteria rather snugly and it’s supremely entertaining in a very uncomplicated manner. Jude Law’s silly attempt at an Aberdeen accent aside, everything in Black Sea rings true and does its job. Black Sea was the perfect boys-own adventure for us at Britpic.

Jude Law’s (HUGO) Robinson is an out of work Submarine captain. Told of a way to earn a giant haul by salvaging an unclaimed haul of gold from a sunken German WW2 U-boat – he assembles a rag-tag group of British and Russian (and an Australian) submariners to go and get it.  Promising his crew an equal share in the booty causes unpredicted tensions between the Brits, Russians and solo Aussie. Things turn deadly when it becomes apparent that the fewer crew members left living breathing there are the larger the individual share. But how many people are needed to pilot a submarine back to the surface? And who will get to keep the gold?

Much like classsics Wages of Fear and The Treasure of Sierra Madre the stakes are high and the atmosphere tense. The plot is basic but it still contains som eunlikely twists and turns. Near the beginning when the fourteen or so submariners are introduced I was wondering how I’d differentiate all the characters from one another, but quite uniquely it was possible. Each role and character were easily identifiable. A few down the pecking order get short shrift but they get despatched early on. This was a nice surprise considering the temptation for the makers to have simply scooped the Russian characters to one side and forget about them. But they were suitablly developed before and during the shit hitting the underwter propellors. This is not The Abyss.  Unlike other submarine-set films this takes its inspirations from well-known sci-fi movies like Alien or Danny Boyle’s Sunshine.

Great supporting turns keep this going – Ben Mendlesohn (THE YEAR MY VOICE BROKE) has the plum role as the psychotic Fraser – who happens to be fairly benevolent when the current flowed his way. Michael Smiley (LUTHER), David Threlfall (PATRIOT GAMES) and Konstantin Khabneskiy (NIGHTWATCH) all put in good work down the ranks – also worth a mention is Scoot McNairy (12 YEARS A SLAVE) as the creepy company man. The special effects (underwater model work, mostly) are visually impressive and only serve to increase the in-submarine tension by heightening the oppressive remoteness of the bottom of the Black Sea.

7.5 out of 10 – Black Sea is perhaps the best and most entertaining British thriller of 2014. There needs to be a few more films in this category and of this budget coming out ot the UK… I can’t wait to see it over again. Recommended for thriller lovers everywhere.


  • Jude Law: King Arthur – Legend of the Sword, Spy (2015), The Grand Budapest Hotel, Dom Hemingway, Side Effects, Rise Of The Guardians (voice), 360, Anna Karenina (2012), Hugo, Contagion, Sherlock Holmes 2 (2011), The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus, Sherlock Holmes (2009), Repo Men, My Blueberry Nights, Sleuth, The Holiday(2006), Breaking & Entering, Aviator, Lemony Snicket’s A Series Of Unfortunate Events (voice), Closer, Alfie, Sky Captain and The World Of Tomorrow, I Heart Huckabees, Cold Mountain, The Road To Perdition, Enemy At The Gates, Love Honour and Obey, A.I., The Talented Mr Ripley, Existenz, Wisdom Of Crocodiles, Final Cut, Midnight In The Garden Of Good and Evil, Gattaca, Wilde, Shopping
  • Scoot McNairy: Sabotage, Crisis Is Our Brand, Gone Girl, The Rover, Frank, Non-Stop, 12 Years a Slave, Promised Land, Argo, Killing Them Softly, A Night In The WoodsMonsters, In Search Of a Midnight Kiss,Mr Fix-It, Herbie – Fully Loaded
  • Ben Mendlesohn: Ready Player One, Robin Hood (2018), Darkest Hour, Una, Star Wars – Rogue One, Bloodlines (TV), Slow West, Lost River, Exodus, Starred Up, The Place Beyond The Pines, The Dark Knight Returns, Killing Them Softly, Trespass (2011), The Killer Elite, Animal Kingdom, Needle, Beautiful Kate, Knowing, Australia, The New World, Vertical Limit, Sample People, Idiot Box, Cosi, Sirens, Map of the Human Heart, Quigley Down Under, The Big Steal, Nirvana Street Murder, Spotswood, The Year My Voice Broke, Neighbours (TV)
  • Bobby Schofield: The Last Ferry
  • Michael Smiley: Free Fire, The Devil Went Down To Islington, Luther (TV), The Lobster, Glassland, We Are The Freaks, SvengaliFor Those In PerilThe World’s EndA Field In England, The ABCs of Death, Shell, Luther (TV), Kill ListBurke & HareDown TerraceOutpost,  Big Fat Gypsy Gangster
  • Grigory Dobrygin: A Most Wanted Man
  • David Threlfall: Shameless (TV), Nowhere Boy, Like Minds, Elizabeth I – The Golden Age, Hot Fuzz, Master and Commander– The Far Side Of The World,  Alien Autopsy, Patriot Games
  • Daniel Ryan: Skins (TV), Up On The Roof
  • Tobias Menzies: Underworld 5, Forget Me Not, Game of Thrones (TV), Rome (TV), The Low Down, Casualty (TV)
  • Karl Davies: The Quiet Hour, Castles In The Sky, Game of Thrones (TV), Octane, Emmerdale (TV), Peak Practice (TV)
  • Jodie Whitaker: How To Live Yours, Broadchurch (TV), Get Santa, Hello Carter, Ashes, Spike IslandGood Vibrations, Attack The Block, One Day, The Kid (2010), St. Trinians, Venus
  • Konstantin Khabneskiy: Wanted, Daywatch, Nightwatch


5 out of 10


Release Date: 13th June 2014

Director: Amma Assante (A Way of Life)

Cast: Gugu Mbatha Raw, Tom Wilkinson, Emily Watson, Sam Reid, Sarah Gadon, Tom Felton, James Norton,  Alex Jennings with Penelope Wilton, Matthew Goode and Miranda Richardson

Writer: Misan Sagay

Trailer: BELLE


  • Gugu Mbatha-Raw: Beyond The Lights, Jupiter Ascending, Odd Thomas
  • Tom Wilkinson: Bone In The Throat, Good People, Unfinished Business, Felony, Grand Budapest Hotel, The Lone Ranger (2013), Mission Impossible 4, The Best Exotic Marigold HotelBurke & Hare, The Green Hornet, The Debt, The Ghost, 44 Inch Chest, Duplicity, Valkyrie, Rock-N-Rolla, Michael Clayton, Cassandra’s Dream, The Last Kiss, Seperate Lies, The Exorcism Of Emily Rose, Batman Begins, Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind, Girl With a Pearl Earring, Before You Go, The Importance Of Being Earnest (2002),  In The Bedroom, Black Knight, Another Life, Essex Boys, The Patriot, Ride With The Devil,  Shakespeare In Love, Rush Hour, The Governess, Oscar & Lucinda, Wilde, The Full Monty, Smilla’s Feeling For Snow, The Ghost and The Darkness, Sense and Sensibility, Martin Chuzzlewit (TV), Priest (1994),  A Business Affair, Paper Mask
  • Emily Watson: Molly Moon, Everest, A Royal Night Out, Testament of YouthThe Theory of Everything, The Book Thief, Oranges and SunshineAnna Karenina (2012),War Horse, Cemetery Junction, Synedoche New York, Miss Potter, Seperate Lies, The Proposition, Corpse Bride (voice), Wah-Wah, The Life and Death Of Peter Sellers, Equilibrium, Red Dragon, Punch Drunk Love, Gosford Park, The Luzhin Defence, Angela’s Ashes, Cradle Will Rock, Hilary & Jackie, The Boxer, Metroland, Breaking The Waves
  • Sam Reid: ’71, The Riot ClubThe Railway Man
  • Sarah Gadon: A Royal Night Out, Enemy, Dracula Untold, Map To The Stars, Amazing Spiderman 2, What If?, Cosmopolis, Dream House, A Dangerous Method
  • Tom Felton: Against The Sun, In Secret, The Aparition, Rise Of The Planet of The Apes, The Disappeared, Get Him To The Greek, 13 HRs, Harry Potter 1-8, Anna and The King, The Borrowers (1997)
  • James Norton: Bonobo, Rush
  • Alex Jennings: The Lady In The Van, Castles In The Sky, Silk (TV), Trap For CinderellaWe’ll Take ManhattanThe Disappeared, The Queen, The Wings Of The Dove, War Requiem
  • Penelope Wilton: Downton Abbey (TV), Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, Dr Who (TV), The History Boys, Pride & Prejudice (2005), Match Point, Shaun Of The Dead, Calendar Girls, Iris, Carrington, The Secret Rapture, Blame It On The Bellboy, Ever Decreasing Circles (TV), Cry Freedom, Clockwise, The French Lieutenant’s Woman
  • Matthew Goode: Pressure, Self/Less, The Imitation Game, Stoker, Cemetery Junction, Watchmen, A Single Man, Leap Year, Brideshead Revisted, Imagine Me & You, Match Point
  • Miranda Richardson: Testament of Youth, Maleficent, Harry Potter 7, Made In Dagenham, The Young Victoria, Fred Claus, Southland Tales, Paris Je T’Aime, Harry Potter 4, Wah Wah, The Phantom Of The Opera, The Churchill Years, The Prince and Me, The Actors, The Hours, Spider, Get Carter (2000),  Sleepy Hollow, The Evening Star, Swann, Kansas City, Tom & Viv, Century, Damage, The Crying Game, Enchanted April, Empire Of The Sun, Black Adder 2 (TV), Dance With a Stranger


5 out of 10



Release Date: 10th October 2014

Director: Niall Heery

Cast: James Nesbitt, David Wilmot, Kerry Condon, Maisie Williams, Patrick Gibson, Ashley McGuire, Gary Lydon, Martin Maloney and Steven Mackintosh

Writer: Niall Heery, Brendan Heery

Trailer: GOLD


  • James Nesbitt: The Hobbit – Battle of the Five Armies, Babylon (TV), The Hobbit – The Desolation of Smaug, The Hobbit – A Unexpected Journey, OutcastCoriolanusCherrybomb, The Way, Match Point, Millions, Cold Feet (TV), Waking Ned, Lucky Break, Welcome To Sarajevo, Jude, Hear My Song
  • David Wilmot: The Food Guide To Love, ’71, CalvaryGood VibrationsShadow Dancer, Anna Karenina (2012)Parked, The Guard, Intermission, I Went Down
  • Kerry Condon: Dom Hemingway, This Must Be The Place, Unleashed, Ned Kelly (2003)
  • Maisie Williams: The Last of Us, The Devil and The Deep Blue Sea, The Falling, Game of Thrones (TV)
  • Patrick Gibson: What Richard Did
  • Gary Lydon: Calvary, The Guard, Small Engine Repair, Boy Eats Girl, Ordinary Decent Criminal, Nothing Personal
  • Steven Mackintosh: Urban Hymn, A Hundred Streets, Bone In The Throat, Set Fire To The Stars, Robot Overlords, The Sweeney, Elfie Hopkins, The Scouting Book For Boys, Luther (TV), Underworld 2 & 3, The Escapist, Land Girls, Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, House Of America, The Grotesque, Muppets Christmas Carol, Blue Juice, Princess Caraboo, The Buddha Of Suburbia (TV), London Kills Me