7.5 out of 10


Release Date: 17th November 2006

Director: Reg Traviss (Anti-Social / Screwed (2011) / Psychosis)

Cast: Ed Stoppard, Tom Schilling, Bernadette Heerwagen, Bernard Hill, Lea Mornar, Sybille Gebhardt, Sean Chapman, Bernard Kay, Suzanne von Borsody, Katrena Rochell, Ram John Holder with Ricci Harnett and Michelle Gayle

Writer: Reg Traviss



  • Ed Stoppard: Youth (2016), Cryptic, Ruby The Young Witch, Blackwood, Cilla (TV), Papadopoulos and Sons, Upstairs Downstairs (TV), Nanny McPhee 2, Bridehead Revisited (2008), The Pianist, The Little Vampire
  • Tom Schilling: Woman In Gold, Suite Francaise, The Baader Meinhoff Complex, Atomised
  • Bernard Hill: North V South, Wolf Hall (TV), Outpost 11, The Kid (2010), Valkyrie, Franklyn, The League Of Gentleman’s Apocalypse, Wimbledon, Lord Of The Rings – Return Of The King, Lord of the Rings – The Two Towers, The Scorpion King, Going Off Big Time, The Loss Of Sexual Innocence, True Crime, Titanic (1998), The Ghost and The Darkness, Madagascar Skin, Double X, Mountains Of The Moon, Shirley Valentine, Drowning By Numbers,  No Surrender, The Chain, The Bounty, Gandhi, Boys From The Black Stuff (TV)
  • Sean Chapman: Psychosis, Peak Practice (TV), The Sea Change, Hellraiser 2, For Queen and Country, Hellraiser, The Fourth Protocol, Underworld (1986), The New Stateman (TV), Made In Britain, Scum, Boarding School
  • Bernard Kay: Psychosis, Pierrepoint, The Puritan, Sinbad and The Eye of The Tiger, Sweeney (1977), Z Cars (TV), Dr Who (TV), Witchfinder General, Dr Zhivago
  • Suzanne von Barsody: Run Lola Run
  • Katrena Rochell: Psychosis
  • Ram John Holder: White Van Man (TV), Song For Marion, Down To Earth (TV), Lucky Break, Virtual Sexuality, Porkpie (TV), Desmonds (TV), Half Moon Street, My Beautiful Laundrette, Pressure (1978)
  • Ricci Harnett: Rise of the Footsoldier 2, Top Dog, VendettaThe Rise and Fall Of a White Collar Hooligan, Ill Manors, Turnout, Psychosis,Rise Of The Footsoldier, 28 Days Later
  • Michelle Gayle: Eastenders (TV), Grange Hill (TV)

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