8.5 out of 10


Release Date: 15th October 2014

Director: Steve Reeves

Cast: Maxine Peake, Blake Harrison, Christine Bottomley, Sam Hoare, Tori Hart and Elisa Lasowski

Writer: Steve Reeves, Matt Oughton


Keeping-Rosy_dvd-UKThis taut little thriller is underrated Maxine Peake‘s (PRIVATE PEACEFUL) best lead role to date. Caught in a cycle of events that seem highly unlikely on your everyday scale, Keeping Rosy is the story of a highly-strung exec having the worst few days of her life. By any stretch the story follows an arc of such misfortune and bad fate that it could fill three movies. That Keeping Rosy works so well is down to a well-mounted, well paced, well written and acted thriller that doesn’t let up until its wonderfully succinct ending.

Maxine Peake plays Charlotte, who gets the sack from her high flying job one day. On arriving home she picks a fight with her Polish cleaner (ELSA LASOWSKI – SOMERS TOWN) and somehow ends up part of deadly game of cat and mouse with a blackmailing security guard played to perfection by comedian Blake Harrison (INBETWEENERS). The titular Rosy is a baby who ends up in her charge as a result of the very twisty unlikely tale. To give you a run through of the plot would be unfair as a lot of the film’s power is the enjoyment of what may happen next. Charlotte’s game of one upmanship with her tormentor Roger is deftly played and excellently scripted.

Maxine Peake has long been on the radar as ‘one-to-watch’. Here she has capitalised on her status with a brilliant performance which will likely get missed by all but the most dedicated of film fans. At last, here’s a crime flick from the UK that avoids all of the tired trappings that go along with the genre. Elsewhere, Blake Harrison impresses in a dark role. Most viewers may only know him from the superb BBC comedy Inbetweeners and it’s accompanying movies as the thick dork Neil. He’s a revelation here. Christine Bottomley (STRAWBERRY FIELDS) also supplies solid support as Charlotte’s working class sister who plays an integral part to the film.

The crisp cinematography and elegant score round out the quality. It’s a true shame that such a good film was buried in the cinematic schedules but hopefully readers will search it out on DVD and TV as it definitely punches above its weight proving that you don’t always need a bucket of CGI or cockney amateurs to make a gripping UK crime thriller.

8.5 out of 10 – One of the best small thrillers of recent years and fans of Maxine Peake will be glad they sought it out as this is her best and most interesting film role to date. Don’t miss.



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