7.5 out of 10

Release date: 29th April 2016

Director: Brett Harvey (Weekend Retreat)

Cast: Tim Dyson and Simon Harvey

Writer: Brett Harvey



Brown Willy is a funny comedy made on a micro-budget set on Bodmin Moor in Cornwall. The titular Brown Willy is the tallest point in the county. Two life-long buddies decide to have celebrate a stag-do in quiet style by walking to Brown Willy. Nothing goes to plan as the groom-to-be is given some really hard drugs resulting in the pair getting hopelessly lost on the moors.

Like a cross between Shaun of the Dead (minus zombies), Withnail & I (minus buildings) and Nuts In May (minus women), it’s an engaging and well assembled comedy that never overstays its welcome. The script and story are basic and the plot is largely simple too. What makes this special is that the comedy (although far from unique) is very funny, the cinematography really gives the film a sense of place, and the soundtrack is perfect. It’s far from a ‘point and shoot affair’ as well, as lot of the shots are considerately framed. There are quite a few scenes with nobody at all in, as the camera gazes across the moors, some others frame the actors in the distance, or on a horizon.The changes between scenes coincide with prompts in the music. The wind sound effects give the film an authentic and atmospheric feel.

My only qualm is that there’s no overlapping dialogue, making the delivery a seem a tiny but wooden at times when the script goes a bit slack.

It’s good to see a comedy that cares about the aesthetics of cinematography. It’s only 80 minutes long but you won’t feel cheated as Brown Willy as it’s a worth while watch. It also contains sad truths about outgrowing your friends, so it has a few valid points to make whilst gently tugging at the heart strings.

7.5 out of 10 – Fun film about male-bonding and getting old disgracefully. Good fun, shame the acting is tiny bit stilted at times. But here’s to their next film, it should be great!



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