UK / USA co-production

3 out of 10

Release Date: 26th September 2016 (DVD Premiere)

Director: Matt Winn

Cast: Mischa Barton, Robert Knepper, John Sackville, Charlotte Salt, Valene Kane, Richard Sumitro, Ed Cooper Clarke, Jamie Bacon with Emily Atack and Andrew Buckley

Writer: James Handel & Matt Winn



This British produced horror cast with a predominantly British cast has been made for the American market. Some of it was shot in New York whereas the main bulk of it was shot in a 24Hour storage facility here in England. The cast all sport bad American accents, so it irritates from the start.

Mischa Barton (THE OC) suspects her perfect boyfriend of cheating when she finds a set of keys to a storage locker down town in the Meat Packing District of Manhattan. Off she trots with her BFF (EMILY ATACK  – IBIZA UNDEAD). But upon taking a wrong turn they discover that the facility is hiding some very dark secrets.

So there’s an unknown killer on the loose at closing time and a bent cop played by the sole American, Robert Knepper (PRISON BREAK), a divorcing couple, a secret resident and so on are all high on the menu. Once the intially intriging intro has been gotten out of the way, the film settles for following a very well established road. And we’re left with a reasonably well-made, solidly acted, badly accented, and boring case of ‘And then there were none.”

This is the second UK release of this film, it was first sent to market with another title called The Hoarder. This fits the film somewhat better because the title ‘The Bunker’ makes no sense as there is no actual bunker. There’s little on offer that you haven’t seen before, it also plays second fiddle to Noel Clarke and Johannes Roberts 2012 effort Storage 24 which is so similar to this one it’s uncanny. So if you really have to see a film about a bunch of twits being chased around a Big Yellow Storage centre, see Noel Clarke’s one. This is a non-event.

3 out of 10 – Unmemorable, largely unscary horror that’s too similar to other horrors to make any kind of impression of it’s own.


  • Mischa Barton: The OC (TV), St Trinian’s (2007), Octane, The Sixth Sense, Lawn Dogs
  • Robert Knepper: Twin Peaks (TV), Jack Reacher 2, Hard Target 2, The Hunger Games 4, The Hunger Games 3, Percy Jackson 2, Heroes (TV), Prison Break (TV), The Day The Earth Stood Still (2012), Transporter 3, Hitman, Good Night Good Luck, Hostage (2005), Species 3, Everyone Says I Love You, When The Bough Breaks, Gas Food Lodgings, Young Guns 2, Renegades, DOA
  • John Sackville: The Wedding Date
  • Charlotte Salt: The Musketeers (TV), Casualty (TV), The Tudors (TV)
  • Valene Kane: Star Wars: Rogue One, The Fall (TV)
  • Emily Atack: Iron Sky 2, Ibiza Undead, Dad’s Army,  Almost Married, Get Lucky, Outside Bet, The Inbetweeners (TV)
  • Andrew Buckley: The Sense of an Ending, Identicals, Jimi, Skeletons, Extras (TV)

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