HIDE & SEEK (2016)

7 out of 10

Release Date: 18 July 2016 (DVD Premiere)

Director: Joanna Coates

Cast: Hannah Arterton, Rea Mole, Josh O’Connor, Daniel Metz and Joe Banks

Writer: Joanna Coates & Daniel Metz

Trailer: HIDE & SEEK


Hide & Seek is an unusual and fairly unique movie about a small commune for damaged people leaving their boring lives behind. Nothing is confirmed, and back stories are vague but what we do learn is that Leah (REA MOLE) is the owner of the property and possibly the designer of the cult’s routines. The other three – two boys and one girl alternate at sleeping in the marital bed with a different member each evening. The days are filled with playing games and sharing time preparing meals and going for walks around their idyllic Herefordshire locale.

Tensions rarely bubble to the surface and each member seems to be at ease with the processes. Only Jack (DANIEL METZ – COMPUTER CHESS) comes across as peculiar – all four take the routines seriously.  Charlotte’s (HANNAH ARTERTON – BURN BURN BURN) boyfriend Simon (JOE BANKS) shows up one day. He tells Charlotte that he loves her and wants to understand more about the group.

Within the ‘bubble’ all these fragile souls seem to enjoy the endless days of make believe and easy sex. The high emphasis on their performance art and play acting forcibly creates a disconnect with the real world and this rubs off onto the film itself making it an aloof and unusually cool customer for a no-budget britpic. You look for answers because the characters’ lives invite questions and our interest. Like the group though and like Simon, you are invited in to watch but you don’t feel included. It’s a clever and smart little film that doesn’t overstay its welcome and it features some nice performances, along with apt cinematography that hints that this ‘summer of love’ won’t last forever and we’ve just watched a film about the cult’s hey day.

7 out of 10 – A nice change of pace and story. It won’t be everybody’s cup of tea but much of the shenanigans ring true, emotionally, so for all it’s hipster leanings, it still has a beating heart.  Short, neat, and fairly original.


  • Hannah Arterton: Burn Burn Burn, Walking On Sunshine
  • Josh O’Connor: Florence Foster Jenkins, The Program, Ripper Street (TV), Peaky Blinders (TV), The Riot Club
  • Daniel Metz: Computer Chess

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