We aim to review as many UK (and Irish films in the spirit of friendship and brotherhood) that get a cinema release as we can. We’ll also review the loads of  “straight to DVD” titles too if they takes our fancy. We are only going to go back as far as 2010 in general but the odd film is older.

Its probably really hard to define what makes a “true” British film because of foreign investment.  So we’ll keep the criteria broad.

– The film has been made by a British auteur that traditionally makes films in  the UK, although occasionally abroad (eg; Michael Winterbottom, Steve McQueen)

– The film will often be set in the UK

– Does NOT include blockbusters that include the UK as a location (eg; Fantastic 4: Rise Of The Silver Surfer or Mission: Impossible or Thor 2)

I think that just about covers it.

We will mainly be reviewing movies that we’ve been lucky or unlucky enough to have seen.  We have to rely on these cinemas: CINEWORLDS LUTON, STEVENAGE, BRADFORD & MILTON KEYNES , ERROL FLYNN FILMHOUSE in NORTHAMPTON, Bideford FILM SOCIETY, The PLOUGH in Gt Torrington, SCOTT in BARNSTAPLE, MERLIN in Okehampton or Ilfracombe, EMPIRE in Slough and the wonderful THE REX in BERKHAMSTED.  So if they don’t show a UK movie, it slips through the net!

We’re on the side of the viewer so if you’re a filmmaker making bad films then you are our enemy. Try harder and put your ego in check. Don’t blame your budget either because we’ll email you a list of 20 no-budget films that got over 6/10 on the Britpic chart.

We grade our films out of 10. Sometimes a film has been so bad that’s it’s been gifted 0.25 out of 10. The Britpic scale can be compared to the ‘real’ world of film by subtracting 1.5 off the Britpic score.  So in our world a film that scores a 7/10 is really a 5.5/10 when compared to your average cinema released blockbuster / art house movie (from anywhere in the world including the UK).

Love, Brit Pic Dick & JOE PESCI II

FAQ: CAN I WRITE REVIEWS FOR YOU? – Yes, but keep it light. No ponces allowed. This is a blog so we’re not regulated by the industry (although we are open to bribes to say nice things if you have money to burn) so say what you like about the movies and actors.  It’s unpaid but you’re welcome to pay us to be your friends.  Joe first. Me later depending on his questionable feedback.  Contact us by leaving us a message at the foot of this page. 

All reviews are personal opinions and are naturally precluded by the words “It is my opinion that…….is” This ought to get us out of any libel/legal snaffles from anyone.

FAQ: Can I have your babies? – Joe Pesci II will eat your jelly babies.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Since starting up, I’ve been joined by my friend of 17years Joe Pesci II, whom I met at Art College. He lives in Yorkshire.

    There was going to be a third contributor, Brit Pic Chick. But she’s never gotten around to writing a single review. She is still affiliated though because she does most of the driving out to the cinemas or having to sit through some of the bad ones……

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