2.5 out of 10


Release Date: 24th May 2010 (DVD Premiere)

Director: Jonathan Glendening (Strippers vs. Werewolves / 13HRs)

Cast: Gary Mavers, Jonathan Moore, Harriet Thorpe, Alexandra Afryea, Danny Tennant, Tom Cotcher, Zoe Robinson, Alice Henley, Sara Lloyd Gregory, Charlie Watts, Paul Bryant, Magda Rodriguez and Joseph Millson

Writer: John Adams & Pete Adams

Trailer: S.N.U.B!



THE KID (2010)

5 out of 10


Release Date: 17th September 2010

Director: Nick Moran (Telstar)

Cast: Rupert Friend, Natasha McElhone, Jodie Whittaker, David O’Hara, Con O’Neill, Bernard Hill, Shirley Anne Field, Johnny Palmiero, Kate Ashfield, Tom Burke, Augustus Prew, Alfie Allen, Ralph Brown, Oliver Milburn, Niamh Cusack with James Fox and Ioan Gruffudd

Writer: Kevin Lewis & Nick Moran

Trailer: THE KID


  • Rupert Friend: Hitman – Agent 47, Homeland (TV), Starred Up, The Young Victoria, Cheri, The Boy In Striped Pyjamas, The Last Legion, Outlaw (2007), Mrs Palfrey at the Claremont, The Libertine
  • Natasha McElhone: Californication (TV), The Sea, Believe, Romeo & Juliet (2014), Big Nothing, Guy X, Ladies In Lavendar, Solaris (2012), feardotcom, Killing Me Softly, Love’s Labours Lost, Ronin, The Truman Show, Miss Dalloway, The Devil’s Own, Surviving Picasso
  • Jodie Whittaker: How To Live Yours, Broadchurch (TV), Get Santa, Hello Carter, Black Sea, Ashes, Spike IslandGood Vibrations, Attack The Block, One Day, St. Trinians, Venus
  • David O’Hara: Luther (TV), Reach Me, Contraband, Best Laid Plans (2012), Cowboys & Aliens, Wanted, Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows – Part 1, Doomsday, Jack Said, The Departed, Hotel Rwanda, The Match, The Devil’s Own, Some Mother’s Son, The Near Room, Braveheart, The Bridge (1992)
  • Con O’Neill: GBH, Telstar, Bedrooms & Hallways, Dancing Thru The Dark
  • Shirley Anne Field: Where The Heart Is (TV), UFO (1993), Hear My Song, The Rachel Papers, Getting It Right, My Beautiful Launderette, Buccaneer (TV), Alfie (1966), Saturday Night and Sunday Morning, The Entertainer, Peeping Tom
  • Bernard Hill: Wolf Hall (TV), Outpost 11, Valkyrie, Franklyn, Joy Division, The League Of Gentleman’s Apocalypse, Wimbledon, Lord Of The Rings – Return Of The King, Lord of the Rings – The Two Towers, The Scorpion King, Going Off Big Time, The Loss Of Sexual Innocence, True Crime, Titanic (1998), The Ghost and The Darkness, Madagascar Skin, Double X, Mountains Of The Moon, Shirley Valentine, Drowning By Numbers,  No Surrender, The Chain, The Bounty, Gandhi, Boys From The Black Stuff (TV)
  • Johnny Palmiero: Rise of the Footsoldier 2, Bonded By Blood 2, We Still Kill The Old Way, Top DogBonded By Blood, Green Street
  • Kate Ashfield: Party Pieces, Hangman, Still, Nymphomaniac, Believe, ByzantiumWhen The Lights Went Out7Lives, Shaun Of The Dead, Late Night Shopping, The Low Down, Pure, Guest House Paradiso, The War Zone
  • Tom Burke: War & Peace (TV), Utopia (TV), The Musketeers (TV), The Hooligan Factory, The Invisible Woman, Only God Forgives, CleanskinThird StarTelstar, Cheri, Donkey Punch
  • Augustus Prew: High Rise, The Village (TV), The Borgias (TV), Charlie St.Cloud, The Secret of Moonacre
  • Alfie Allen: John Wick, PlasticConfine, Game Of Thrones (TV), Powder (2011), Soulboy
  • Ralph Brown: Elevator Gods, My Hero, Agent Carter (TV), Babylon (TV), Pramface (TV), All Things To All Men, Jack The Giant Slayer, I Anna, Stoker, Tower BlockHuge, Killing Bono, The Boat That Rocked, Straightheads, Flood, Exorcist – The Beginning,  Mean Machine, Star Wars – The Phantom Menace, Up N’ Under, Amistad, Wayne’s World 2, Undercover Blues, The Crying Game, Alien 3, Diamond Skulls, Scandal, Buster, Withnail & I
  • Oliver Milburn: The Royals (TV), Ginger & Rosa, Wuthering Heights (2011), Driving Lessons, Green Wing (TV), The Descent, Me Without You, The Browning Version (1994), Loaded
  • Niamh Cusack: Testament of Youth, The Closer You Get, Heartbeat (TV), The Playboys (1992), Fools of Fortune, A Marriage of Inconvenience, Paris By Night
  • James Fox: Effie Gray, The Double (2014), Cleanskin, W/E, Sherlock Holmes (2009), Charlie and The Chocolate Factory (2005), The Prince and Me, Sexy Beast, The Golden Bowl, Mickey Blue Eyes, Anna Karenina (1997), The Remains Of The Day, As You Like It (1992), Patriot Games, Afraid Of The Dark, The Russia House, The Mighty Quinn, Farewell To The King, Passage To India, Greystoke- The Legend Of Tarzan, Performance, The Servant
  • Ioan Gruffudd: Home Invasion, San Andreas, The Adventurer – The Curse of the Midas Box, Glee (TV), Horrible Bosses, Sanctum, W., The Secret of Moonacre, Fireflies In The Garden, Fantastic 4 – Rise of the Silver Surfer, Amazing Grace, Fantastic Four (2005), King Arthur (2004), Hornblower (TV), The Forsyte Saga (TV), Shooters, Black Hawk Down, Very Annie Mary, Another Life, 102 Dalmatians, Solomon & Gaenor, Titanic (1997), Wilde


6 out of 10


Release Date: 30th April 2010

Director: Brian Percival (The Book Thief / Downton Abbey (TV))

Cast: Ian Hart, Kyle Ward, Charleene McKenna, Lee Turnbull, Sacha Parkinson, Louise Delamere with Steve Evets and Crissy Rock

Writer: Julie Rutterford



  • Ian Hart: Modern Life Is Rubbish, Dusty & Me, God’s Own Country, Dough, UK18,  Urban Hymn, Boardwalk Empire (TV), Hard Boiled Sweets, Morris – A Life With Bells On, Breakfast On Pluto, A Cock and Bull Story, Rag Tale, Finding Neverland, Blind Flight, Killing Me Softly, Harry Potter & The Philosopher’s Stone, Strictly Sinatra, Born Romantic, Liam, Best, The Closer You Get, The End Of The Affair, Wonderland (1999), This Year’s Love, Enemy Of The State, B-Monkey, Mojo, The Butcher’s Boy, Michael Collins, The Hollow Reed, Nothing Personal, Clockwork Mice, The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill But Came Down a Mountain, Land and Freedom, Backbeat, The Hour and The Times
  • Charleene McKenna: Ripper Street (TV), Small Engine Repair, Breakfast On Pluto
  • Lee Turnbull: Zebra Crossing
  • Sacha Parkinson: Mr Selfridge (TV), The Mill (TV), Coronation Street (TV), Grange Hill (TV)
  • Louise Delamere: Uwantme2killhim?, Mad Dogs and Englishmen
  • Steve Evets: Rev (TV), The Selfish Giant, The Facility, Spike IslandAnna Karenina (2012)Brighton Rock (2011)Wuthering Heights (2011), Looking For Eric, Summer (2008)
  • Crissy Rock: Angel (2015), Benidorm (TV), Crissy Rock Live, Ladybird Ladybird


4.5 out of 10

Release Date: 21st April 2010

Director: Gurinder Chadha (Viceroy’s House / Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging / Paris Je T’Aime / Bride and Prejudice / Bend It Like Beckham / Bhaji On The Beach)

Cast: Shabana Azmi, Goldy Notay, Sendhil Ramamurthy, Sally Hawkins, Sanjeev Bhaskar, Shaheen Khan, Zoe Wanamaker, Adlyn Ross, Ash Varrez, Ray Panthaki, Jack Gordon, Don Warrington, Jamie Sives, Christopher Simpson, Ace Bhatti with Jimi Mistry and Mark Addy

Writer: Gurinder Chada




8 out of 10

Release Date: 5th February 2010

Director: Gerard Johnson (Hyena)

Cast: Peter Ferdinando, George Russo, Francis Pope, Lorenzo Camporese, Ian Groomfield, Vicky Murdock, Mark Mooney, Ian Kilgannon, Neil Large with Ricky Grover and Neil Maskell

Writer: Gerard Johnson

 Trailer: TONY

Unknown-11To be proofread: Imagine if you will a Mike Leigh film about a weird serial killer and you’ll be close to realising Gerard Johnson’s Tony. So at odds with reality yet as banal and comically mundane as any of Mike Leigh’s grotesques Peter Ferdinando (as the titular Tony) presents us with one of the most watchable weirdos in UK cinema.  A video nasty obsessed, Razzle reading, drug dabbling loner Tony seems to enjoy his peculiar hobby of casually killing any lone males that cross his path. Set in a rundown Dalston in North London, it presents London as a place were killers like Tony could escape easily detection purely because they are so secluded from your average British citizen.

Tony wins because of it’s towering comic yet weirdly warm portrayal by Peter Ferdinando (A FIELD IN ENGLAND). He’s an actor on the rise, but this film seems to be the genesis of his upward trajectory having been a featured extra for decades in famous TV shows. Most recently he impressed in Starred Up. He is ably supported by a procession of unusual actors that inevitably end up playing his unwitting victims. So casually funny is the script and Ferdinando’s off-kilter reading of the character that I was dying to see what would happen next, how he would get found out and where the whole film would lead.  Fans of closed story arcs may be pissed off at the very open ending but I think it’s a perfect non-ending for one of UK cinema’s most memorable serial killers. In a film world where serial killers have often lead privileged lives and have a smart line for everything, it’s a true pleasure to come across a character so comically blank. I was never sure if Tony was cleverer than he was letting on or he really was that stupid. Johnson has created a great little film with bags of atmosphere, you can almost smell Tony’s flat! Tony’s unusual hang ups amuse as he perplexes his acquaintances with his knowledge of forgotten films (that he watches on Video – still!) (Hider In The House starring Gary Busey anyone? – A good film if I remember correctly), his obsession of being included in conversations or group drug taking is fun to watch too.

Acting support comes from a range of familiar and unknown faces led by George Russo (TOP DOG) and Francis Pope’s (TURNOUT) clucking smack heads and Neil Maskell’s (KILL LIST) shitty Job Centre employee. The best of the support comes from an unknown actor playing the manager (MARK MOONEY) of a tanning salon where Tony is sent for a job. Their exchange is a masterclass in comedy understatement.

Director Gerard Johnson coaxed his formerly famous brother Mat from 80s band The The to provide an excellent soundtrack. Piano driven, it’s like a warmer version of the Halloween theme tune. I was whistling it for days after seeing it.

8 out of 10 Tony is one of the most enjoyable Britpics I’ve seen for ages. It’s certainly the funniest. An undiscovered cult classic for future generations to rediscover. It’s a shame that this has slipped through the cracks. I thoroughly recommend it to fans of Mike Leigh and Les Blair, along with fans of oddities like Henry- Portrait of a Serial Killer.  A work of quiet genius.



4 out of 10

Release Date: 9th July 2010

Director: Rachid Boucherab (DAYS OF GLORY)

Cast: Brenda Blethyn, Sotigui Kouyate, Francis Magee, Sami Bouajila, Marc Baylis, Bernard Blancan and Roschdy Zem 

Writer: Rachid Boucherab



  • Brenda Blethyn: Vera (TV), Dead Man Running, Atonement, Piccadilly Jim, On a Clear Day, A Way of Life, Beyond The Sea, Lovely and Amazing, Saving Grace, RKO 281, Little Voice, Night Train, Girls’ Night, Remember Me? (1997), Secrets and Lies, Outside Edge (TV), A River Runs Through It, The Witches
  • Sotigui Kouyate: Dirty Pretty Things, The Sheltering Sky
  • Francis Magee: Blood Cells, Good People, Jimmy’s Hall, Cemetery JunctionThe Crew, Layer Cake, The Sex Lives Of The Potato Men
  • Sami Bouajila: Beautiful Lies, Days of Glory, The Nest, The Siege (1998)
  • Marc Baylis: Coronation St (TV), Strippers Vs. Werewolves
  • Bernard Blancan: Leaving (2009), Days of Glory
  • Roschdy Zem: The Cold Light of Day, Point Blank (2010), Days of Glory, Clubbed To Death, My Favourite Season, J’Embrasse Pas



Release Date: 17th December 2010

Director: Richard Bracewell (Bill)

Cast: Laura Fraser, Richard E. Grant, Antonia Bernath, Adam Fenton with Tamsin Grieg and Richard Brake

Writer: Richard Bracewell

Trailer: CUCKOO