Release Date: Due Autumn 2013

Director: Stephen Reynolds

Producer: Jonathan Sothcott (Top Dog / Fall Of The Essex Boys / GBH / Rise Of The White Collar Hooligan / Strippers Vs. Werewolves / Elfie Hopkins / Airborne / Stalker (2011) and more)

Cast: Danny Dyer, Roxanne McKee, Josef Altin, Vincent Regan, Alistair Petrie, Nick Nevern, Charlie Bond, Tony Denham, Emma Samms, Joshua Osei with Ricci Harnett and Bruce Payne

The first solo production by the ubiquitous and extremely hard working Mr. Jonathan Sothcott promises to be the Danny Dyer vehicle we’ve all been waiting for. After many false dawns, based on this trailer this could be the one.  The undisputed prince of independent UK film is surrounded by a great cast of character actors ranging from ‘new and up and coming’ to the ‘OMG’ where on earth did you find Emma “The Colbys” Samms and ultra scary Bruce “Passenger 57” Payne?

Check It Out



Cast: Kevin Bishop, Jack Doolan, Frances Barber and Rosemary Leach

Trailer: May I Kill U?

This is out on January 13th at the cinema. Looks terrible. Either that or they’ve not shared any of the jokes in the trailer.  It’s about a vigilante London Cop who get’s busy during the London riots.  Hang on is this a spoof of GBH? Kevin Bishop who can be very funny in the lead… So the juries out at Britpic.  Although it’s always hung until we’ve actually seen anything.



Cast: Colin Firth, Sam Rockwell, Christopher Walken, Woody Harrelson

Trailer: Seven Psychopaths

Martin McDonagh’s Film4 / Bfi Financed crime caper maybe be hipper than a hip hopping rabbit but it’s still funny. Came out nationwide on the 3oth Of November. Remarkably for a comedy they didn’t put the best gags into the trailer.  A throwback to the wave of guns and confusion films that ruled after Tarantino did Pulp Fiction in the 90s.  This is a good one but no so good we have to put with a wave of weak immitators.


Cast: Steve Oram & Alice Lowe

Director Ben Wheatley returns with his third film, which is probably as equally murderous as Down Terrace and Kill List.  Personally, I cannot wait until Friday.  Although with this week shaping up like it is, I’ll have to wait until Saturday. Grrrr.  Sightseers tells the story of a pair of unhinged holiday makers who off anybody who gets under their feet. Yes! Cathartic or what?

Trailer: Sightseers



Cast: Nick Nevern, Kate Magowan, Kierston Wareing, Jay Brown, Simon Phillips, Eddie Webber, Tony Denham and Robert Cavanah

The first is the trailer to the new film tackling The Rettendon Landrover Murders in Essex back in 1995.  Now if you haven’t already seen the previous movies to wrestle this thorny subject, FALL OF THE ESSEX BOYS looks like the right place to start.  Formerly known as Once Upon A Time In Essex (which I prefer to this fall and rise nonsense) is brought to us by Chata Pictures.  They’ve brought us a mixed bag so far with THE RISE AND FALL OF A WHITE COLLAR HOOLIGAN being their best by a long shot.  Fall Of The Essex Boys has been directed by Paul Tanter (The Jack Trilogy) and starring  Simon Phillips, Jay Brown and Peter Barrett as the infamous Rolfe, Tucker and Tate. Nick Nevern as Darren Nicholls and Robert Cavanah as Mickey Steele.  From the trailer this looks like the quintessential take on this compelling and true urban crime story. Let’s hope it’s the film to end all Essex Boys movies.

The makers are promising a fresh take on what we’ve already seen in the movie listed below. So in theory this should be the ‘go-to’ movie about events.  I personally hope it’s a success for Mr Jonathan Sothcott (the producer) and co. so that they get to carry on bringing us their ever improving and vital take on UK cinema.

WATCH THIS: Fall Of The Essex Boys TRAILER

Other related movies: Essex Boys / The Rise Of The Footsoldier  / Bonded By Blood 


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